Centilytics announces new integrations for more effective and efficient working

June 18, 2019 – Centilytics, an intelligent cloud management platform, introduced new integrations that will facilitate the ease of doing business operations in cloud and enhance productivity.

Centilytics brings a whole bunch of new updates; the most ITSM Integrations.

Features included in their latest console updates are:

ITSM Integration: Centilytics integrated Freshdesk and Freshservice, the most widely used ticketing services. These services refine the process of customer service essential for an organization and provide enriched experience to their end users.

Freshdesk: With the Integration of Freshdesk directly into the Centilytics console, user can monitor the status of their tickets at one place. This integration has enhanced the whole process of ticketing because the customer of the user will also be able to check the status of the tickets at their end.

Freshservice: Last but not the least; integration of Freshservice. Now, users are able to check the status of the raised tickets directly through the console. This integration allows user with options to integrate either one or both of them i.e. Freshdesk and Freshservice.

“We believe in simplifying complex tasks to save the time that one can invest in a more productive way. Customer demands are our utmost priority and we keep sticking to that. Our latest integration of ITSM services help organizations to deliver enhanced customer services without switching to different platforms.”

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